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Things becoming clearer for McGaha

Chris McGaha Shined in NFL Combine

The career of wide receiver Chris McGaha has been defined by his sure hands and his acrobatic catches. Thus, hard to believe that such a player was achieving all these feats with less than perfect vision. Not only did his flawed eyesight not impact him while donning the maroon and gold, it also didn't hold him back from showing well in the NFL combine.

Outgoing senior Chris McGaha was diagnosed with 20/60 vision during his physical exam at the combine. Six days after arriving home from that event he underwent Lasik surgery to correct his vision. "It's weird…you sleep for about 12 hours after the procedure and when I woke up I was able to see," said McGaha. "I figured I was driving illegally for all these years because I can see so much better... Recommended Stories

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